150+ Positive & Inspirational Quotes for Kids

Inspirations are always important in life, so we published  50+ Positive & Inspirational Quotes for Kids.

150+ Positive & Inspirational Quotes for Kids

01 #Always Believe That Something Wonderful is About to Happen.

02 # Be Brave, Be Creative, Be Kind, Be Thankful, Be Happy, Be You.

03 #Everyday May Not Be Good But There Is Something Good in Everyday.

04 # Nobody is Perfect That’s Why Pencils Have Erasers.

05 # Do the Right Thing Even if No One is Watching.

06 # Always Believe You Are Braver.

07 # Always Believe You Are Strong.

08 # Happiness Does Not Depend on What Happens Outside of You but on What Happens Inside of You.

09 # Don’t Let What You Can’t Do Stop You From Doing What You Can Do.

10 # Believe You Can and You Will.


11 # Be the Change You Want to See in the World.

12 # Sometimes the Smallest Step in the Right Direction Ends Up Being the Biggest Step of Your Life Tip Toe if You Must but Take the Step.

13 # No Act of Kindness No Matter How Small is Ever Wasted.

14 # You Are Amazing You Are Brave You Are Strong.

15 # It Doesn’t Matter How Slow You Go as Long as You Don’t Stop.

16 # Don’t Let Anyone Ever Dull Your Sparkle.

17 # Imagine With All Your Mind Believe With All Your Heart Achieve With All You Might.

18 # It’s Not What Happens to You but How You React to It That Matters.

19 # The More You Read, The More You Know, the More You Learn, the More Places You Will Go.

20 # Be the Best Version of You.Inspirational-Quotes-for-Kids

21 # It’s Up to You How Far You’ll Go if You Don’t Try You Will Never Know.

22 # Everyone Wants Happiness Nobody Wants Pain but You Can’t Have a Rainbow Without a Little Rain.

23 # Strong People Don’t Put Others Down They Lift Them Up.

24 # Everything You Can Imagine, You Can Do and Whatever You Dream, Will Come True.

25 # Count Your Rainbows Not Your Thunderstorms.

26 # If You See Someone Without a Smile Give Them One of Yours.

27 # People Will Love You People Will Hate You and None of It Will Have Anything to Do With You.

28 # Make Something Good Every day.

29 # Making Mistake is Part of Life and Really Big Part of Growing Up, It’s How You Learn Who You Wants to Be.

30 # You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Amazing.


31 # Some Days You Have to Create Your Own Sunshine.

32 # Life Is Not About Waiting for the Storm to Pass, It’s About Learning to Dance in the Rain.

33 # One Kind Word Can Change Someone’s Entire Day.

34 # Nothing is Impossible The Word Itself Says “I’m Possible”.

35 # When You Do Things From Your Soul You Feel a River Moving in You a Joy.

36 # Keep Your Face to the Sunshine and You Cannot See a Shadow.

37 # Practice Makes Progress Not Perfect.

38 # Your Future is Created by What You Do Today Not Tomorrow.

39 # Nothing Great Comes Without Sacrifice.

40 # You Can Learn Something New Every Day if You Listen.


41 # Work Hard, Dream Big, Never Give Up.

42 # Be a Rainbow in Someone Else Cloud.

43 # Sometimes the Smallest Things Take the Most Room in Your Heart.

44 # Share Your Smile With the World. It’s a Symbol of Friendship and Peace.

45 # Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today.

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