15+ Positive Quotes for Black Women

In this post we Published 15+ Positive Quotes for Black Women. Lets Enjoy.

Positive Quotes for Black Women

01# It’s Not Where You Come From Its Where You’re Going That Counts

02# A Strong Black Man Doesn’t Let a Tear Stain Her Face

03# Nothing is More Important Than a Person Who is Secure in the Unique Way God Made Her

04# Women Must Become Revolutionary. This Cannot Be Evolution but Revolution.

05# Back Women Can Do Anything. We’ve Proven That Time and Time and Time Again

06# As You Become More Clear About Who You Really Are You Will Be Better Able to Decide What is Best for You

07# I Am Dripping Melanin and Honey I Am Black Without Apology

08# I Haven’t Time to Worry About Who Doesn’t Like Me I Am Too Busy Loving the People Who Love Me.

09# Black Woman is One of Gods Most Beautiful Creation

10# All Girls Rock but Black Girls We Are on a Whole “Notha Level”

11# At the End of the Day You Can Either Focus on What’s Tearing You Apart or You Can Focus on What’s Keeping You Together

12# Always Keep Your Head Held High if You’re Looking Down You Will Never See the Blessing Right In front of You

13# I Am Not a One in a Million Kind of Girl I Am a Once in a Lifetime Kind of Woman Meaning

14# Be Thankful for Unknown Blessings Already on Their Way

15# A Goddess is a Woman Who Emerges From Deep Within Herself

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